New Special animation for APAC region - Summer series Check it out

  • Objective

    Accumulate as many points as possible

  • Duration

    3 weeks

  • Activities

    Running, Hiking, Swimming, Cycling, Eco-actions, Solidarity actions, Gardening

  • Stakes

    CSR, Ecology, Carbon impact

No Planet B

Climate scientists agree that if we want to act to reduce the disastrous effects of climate change, we need to do it today, not tomorrow.

If you are on this page, you have probably already understood this. With this animation co-constructed with the experts of Surfrider Foundation Europe, we will propose several fun and engaging actions to your teams. 

During 3 weeks, they will take part in a big collective challenge, a webinar animated by Surfrider Foundation Europe as well as field actions. Plogging kits will be provided to you in order to organise a large waste collect event around your offices. 

Since 1990, Surfrider Foundation Europe has become a reference in the fight to protect the ocean and its users.


Animation details

This animation includes digital events but also face-to-face actions:

  • 3-week collective challenge. Within the challenge, you will benefit from a global counter that gathers all the activities of your employees.
  • One webinar led by an expert from Surfrider Foundation Europe
  • Exclusive articles about ocean initiatives, one of the many projects run by Surfrider Foundation Europe.
  • Plogging kits including everything you need to organise a large collect event from your office. 

Finally, a communication plan accompanies this specific event in order to engage your employees throughout, as well as a communication kit at your disposal in order to relay the event on the ground.