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Tips to nail your onboarding process

5 tips to nail onboarding (including WFH employees)

Joining a new company is a bit like going on a long journey. And although it's a journey venturing into the unknown, it's worth pl ...

04/12/2020 •

6 min read time

United Heroes: program of the month

Take a look at the United Heroes program for December. 

30/11/2020 •

1 min read time

6 keys to understand team cohesion through sport

1st key: Developing skills If you have talented people in your company, that’s great. If you have talented people that can recogni ...

25/09/2020 •

4 min read time

Internal communication: why and how you should digitize your events

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced companies to reinvent their internal communication strategies. Has your annual seminar been ...

20/07/2020 •

5 min read time

United Heroes expands and enhances its sports and well-being project offer

Lockdown has turned the lives of many companies and their employees upside down. Ours too. Like you, we have learned from this exp ...

06/07/2020 •

2 min read time

What if workers don’t come back to the office after Covid-19?

Lockdown meant that a quarter of the workforce (some 5 million people) immediately began to work from home from one day to the nex ...

03/07/2020 •

4 min read time