6 workplace wellbeing initiatives in 2022

The world of work is constantly evolving. Nothing new here. But, as younger generations step onto the world stage, HR departments ...

06/07/2022 •

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Why gamification is a great solution to engage staff

Businesses are struggling to engage their staff: Only 21% of global employees are engaged at work according to the 2021 Gallup sur ...

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Burnout: symptoms and prevention of burnout

Burnout was cited as one of the top three reasons why young people are leaving their jobs, according to the global survey which fo ...

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Corporate wellness solution: which one's the right for you?

The decision has been made and you're ready to take your workforce experience up a notch with a corporate wellness project. But yo ...

27/06/2022 •

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Workplace wellness : our complete guide

Being happy at work. For some, this statement is more of a dream than a reality. Between increasing workloads, delicate management ...

23/06/2022 •

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How to become a learning company?

A changing job market and the accelerating obsolescence of skills are forcing companies to reinvent themselves to stay competitive ...

13/06/2022 •

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