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Turning your employees into ambassadors through sport

your employees are the best ambassadors

Do you want to boost your image? Your employees can help improve your reputation and recruit new talent. A happy employee is a great ambassador for your company. Take care of your employees and you will reap the rewards!



By implementing a sport in the workplace programme, you can improve well-being at work, find people to represent your company and make your employer brand stand out. Find out how.


Engaging your employees through sport

Sport in the workplace has many benefits. It helps break the ice, promotes cohesion and team spirit and creates a positive corporate culture. An exercise programme is a real strategic tool for engaging your employees and increasing motivation.




Promoting team sports to create a sense of healthy competition

You can organise group gym or yoga classes on your premises. You can offer your employees the opportunity to form a company team for a race or inter-company sports tournaments such as the Business League indoor football tournament ⚽.


In addition to traditional sports activities, you can also launch charity challenges.



Asking your employees to get involved in good causes brings your company’s values to life. You could choose to raise funds for a charity. Another possibility is to participate in charity events such as the Odysséa race which aims to raise awareness about breast cancer. It’s a good way to reach all your employees, even those who are not very sporty, and make them want to push their limits.


Remember to communicate regularly about your sports programme

This is how you will demonstrate that the well-being and health of your employees is a priority. You can organise dedicated events such as after work sports events or breakfasts, involving experts such as sports coaches or nutritionists. You can also set up a dedicated newsletter, with practical health tips.


Your employees will be happy that their company cares about their well-being and will talk to those around them about it!



Nouveau call-to-action


Identifying aspiring ambassadors

For your sports programme to be a success, it is important to recruit ambassadors!


First of all, focus on the “natural” ambassadors

At United Heroes, when we launch a sports and wellness programme in a company, we always start by involving managers as well as the communication and HR departments.


These individuals have an important role to play in encouraging participation. They can help communicate and recruit participants across all company sites. We provide them with practical and concrete tools to help them. We also make sure that we listen to them and answer any questions they may have.



Second, identify the most motivated employees

To do this, you can launch a call for volunteers. Leaders will emerge, who are often your most athletic employees. They will become real influencers, with the ability to help motivate their colleagues, communicate information or even propose regular training sessions. You can give them an official role, for example by appointing them team captains.



Valuing your employees

For more commitment and motivation from your employees, it is essential to showcase them! You can publish testimonials from employees participating in your programme through your internal communication channels, for example on your intranet, in your internal newsletter, on your screens or on your notice boards.


With the agreement of each participant, it is also possible to use these testimonials in your external communication (many employees will be happy to share these publications on their own social networks). 


Also think about mentioning your sports programme at internal events such as year-end parties, seminars, trade conventions or your other events.


Your employees’ testimonials are a precious tool for your internal and external communication.




Make sure you reward your employees for their efforts

When an employee takes up a challenge or achieves a specific goal, give them a medal (physical or virtual) or a symbolic object. This might be a sports bag, a water bottle or a towel with your logo on it. You can also create attractive sportswear in your company colours that your employees will be proud to wear.



Case study: Sport, a pillar of Harmonie Mutuelle's corporate culture

Harmonie Mutuelle, France’s leading mutual health insurance company, has set up a sports programme with United Heroes to strengthen the sense of belonging, mobilise its employees and turn them into ambassadors for the company.



Alexandre Lamouche, a Harmonie Mutuelle employee, tells us: “If I had to express my feelings about this Harmonie Mutuelle initiative, I would start by saying that when you come to Harmonie Mutuelle, you feel a sort of benevolence towards both members and employees. Harmonie Mutuelle looks out for the wellbeing of its employees every day.”


He explains: “The group offers everyone the opportunity to combat the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle on a daily basis with United Heroes. How can we not get involved? It is difficult for us to do be active in our jobs, which are for the most part, sedentary. But through this initiative, Harmonie has shown us that by taking small steps every day, we can overcome the risk of doing nothing in the future!”


“The big Harmonie family comes into its own with this partnership. Ambitious, collective, charity challenges make us proud to work for Harmonie Mutuelle, France’s leading mutual health insurance company, every day! Taking up challenges has become part of my daily life and I discovered a real passion for running when I discovered United Heroes.” 


How to ensure your sport at work project is a success? Follow our guide!


This is how sport can help you mobilise your employees and increase their commitment. By setting up a sport in the workplace programme, your employees will feel good at work and they will want to let people know about it! They will become true ambassadors and will contribute towards promoting your company. Are you ready to take the plunge? Contact us, we would be delighted to discuss an action plan with you!