Supporting parenting in companies

10 ideas to support parenting in companies

The health crisis brought to light the difficulties encountered by working parents: they had to manage full-time remote working wi ...

01/10/2021 •

3 min read time

Loss of sense at work

4 solutions to create a sense of purpose at work

48% of employees think that their work has less meaning than before the covid crisis. The lack of meaning at work impacts the well ...

29/09/2021 •

3 min read time

compare workplace wellness solutions

Corporate sport and wellness solution comparison

The decision's been made and you're ready to take your staff experience up a notch with a workplace wellness project. But you don' ...

27/09/2021 •

4 min read time

Why you should take care of mental health at work

What are the issues around mental health at work?

The Covid-19 health crisis has highlighted the importance of mental health at work: people's daily lives have been overturned and ...

21/09/2021 •

4 min read time

Healthcare prevention at work

Risk prevention: 5 ways to take care of staff

Looking after staff: it was something that would never crop up before but it's never been such a strategic concept! Occupational r ...

28/07/2021 •

3 min read time

wellness and sport at work: benefits

Sport and wellness at work: key figures

Quality of life has become integral to workplace wellness so just imagine how good sport can be for your staff's health and, in tu ...

22/07/2021 •

6 min read time