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Spotted: top 10 best welcome packs


Whether it be in-house or remotely, the first day in a new company is often pretty nerve-racking. First impressions count, as the saying goes, so you may as well do everything you can to make a good impression on your new recruits when they arrive!

Well-planned onboarding with added extras is the answer to a successful induction and happy employee. Happy employees mean proud employees who aren't afraid to shout about it 📣


The simplest things are sometimes the best: share your values and business culture with a branded welcome pack for your new employees.


Are you wondering what the perfect welcome pack looks like? Actually, there are as many welcome packs as there are companies... It's up to you to design your own but we hunted down the best, most original and innovative welcome packs on social media 🕵️to give you a hand. Here are the top 10 welcomes packs our team found.



1. Back market: a spot of reading to soak up company values

A welcome pack is all well and good but it has to reflect the company. Back Market has nailed it! New staff get a pack bursting at the seams with everything from totes and t-shirts to a "Sabotage" sweater. There's even a reusable water bottle and little notebook for employees to keep handy during the day. But the main event is the Sabotage manual which details Back Market's core values, explains the business culture, its missions and helps new employees settle in even better!


Covid-19 bonus 😷: the must-have mask and hand sanitiser have joined the list of Back Market goodies.



2. Twitter: personalised bottle of wine, a winning gift

The iconic # founder takes care of new employees integration. Twitter is all about keeping things simple with a 5-week induction course and warm welcome with a pack including a bottle of wine bearing the brand logo, tote bag, t-shirt, laptop case and notepad. It's simple but it works... It brings people together to engage employees from onboarding onwards.


3. Mars: the chocolate touch to welcome employees

Mars, the biggest manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery in the world, was founded by the Mars family almost 100 years ago. The company is built on family traditions and shares its strong and unique company culture with its staff. Employee wellness is a core value which is why newcomers are spoilt as soon as they arrive. Mars' people policy has made it one of the top 3 great places to work in France.


The welcome pack includes everyday essentials (computer, smartphone, headset, notepad etc.) and a sweet touch that employees love: the famous M&M's!



4. L'Oréal: it all begins with looking after yourself

Because newcomers at L'Oréal are worth it (get it? 😉), they get a bag of goodies when they start out at the company. A 100% L'Oréal pack to take care of themselves: cream, shampoo etc. and a flask to stay hydrated throughout the day.




5.  Apollo: an induction guarantee, even remotely

Apollo insures its customers and ensures its staff settle in with onboarding. Employees receive a welcome pack at home with a full sportswear to encourage employees to get active. There's no excuse not to exercise with your colleagues on your lunch break with such a welcome pack!



6. Atlassian: an experience that lasts

"From my insightful welcome pack (after signing on) to having my brand new MacBook Pro set up through remote management, right through to a customised Trello board detailing my 90 day plan for success. All my fears of starting a new role remotely have gone out the window" Lily-Rose Dona


Your company values are what help all your staff be in tune with each other, so they should know what they are, right?


Preboarding is essential at the software company Atlassian. New members get their welcome back before their first day so they feel at home before they've even set foot in the office.



7. Salesforce: personalisation and adaptation is the key to successful onboarding 

Salesforce is the SaaS giant and software genius that's striving to be an expert in staff induction too. 

To help employees get on board and get to know the core values and company, each new arrival has a tailored onboarding as well as a great welcome pack with computers, tablets, headphones, stickers and useful books that they're given on their first day.


Bonus: the welcome packs are updated on a regular basis and personalised to suit different teams.



8. KakaoPay: the slickest

This is one of the most stylish welcome packs we've seen and absolutely had to make the top 10! The Korean digital wallet company KakaoPay is on the cutting-edge of innovation when it comes to welcome packs. 

In a nod to their financial roots, there are four notebooks inspired by global currencies as well as stickers, a toothbrush, mug and even a bag hook for the side of your desk. A great way to showcase the business culture!



9. Brooks: the winner for running fans

You certainly don't expect a cookery book as a welcome gift when you start working for sportswear specialists... Brooks gives its staff a full running kit to ensure they're prime brand ambassadors

The welcome pack reflects Brooks' goal to get its staff moving and is a real shot in the arm for the company's employer brand and running community.



10. LiveChat: a one-of-a-kind welcome pack

Every company has its traditions for welcoming new staff whether it be drinks or a meeting with the whole company. But LiveChat does things a little differently and gets newcomers involved from the start. And what could be better than testing their culinary skills and getting them to make a cake for the LiveChat team in their first week? 

So it's only natural that a cake forms the core of their welcome pack with lots of other goodies. The original and engaging initiative has been designed in-house! We’re sold!




That should give you food for thought when it comes to welcoming future talent. From the original to the all-round, a welcome pack is a great induction tool that gives newcomers a strong sense of belonging and an understanding of the company's values. A good welcome pack has every chance of making your colleagues proud and loyal and boosting your employer brand.


A Gallup survey about employee induction found that just 12% of staff think their company does a great job at onboarding new employees. Remember that the welcome pack is only one part of a good induction. Make sure the entire onboarding process works for your staff as good onboarding boosts productivity as well as employee engagement and loyalty, and that's priceless!