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Implementing a Quality of Life at Work approach

Burn out, bore out, stress, work accidents: employees are more and more stressed (24% are hyperstressed), frustrated, or (on the c ...

15/06/2020 •

3 min read time

What are the unknown effects of stress on employees’ health?

According to the American Institute of Stress, this bane is responsible for 75 to 90% of medical appointments, and 60 to 80% of wo ...

09/06/2020 •

4 min read time

Is sport at work really a lever for professional well-being?

Sporting activities at work are becoming more popular and are beneficial for everyone.   

13/05/2020 •

4 min read time

10 causes of suffering at work

25% of employees say that they suffer from excessive stress linked to their job  according to the corporate consultancy firm Stimu ...

06/05/2020 •

5 min read time

5 key ways to combat stress at work

The challenge of this transformation is to combat stress at work, prevent mental health risks and generate well-being and fulfilme ...

20/03/2020 •

4 min read time


The 10 Commandments of Quality of Life at Work

 “And what do you do for a living?” This is a question that is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid whenever you meet anyone. ...

25/06/2019 •

4 min read time