The workation trend: working during vacation

Employees' expectations are evolving and so are our ways of working. Some companies have implemented full-remote and, in some case ...

09/05/2022 •

6 min read time

An optimal work environment increases productivity

Remote work: 3 tips to improve your staff's workspace

Remote working shouldn't mean backache and poor productivity among your staff! Setting up on the edge of the table or sitting on t ...

19/07/2021 •

4 min read time


How to create your WFH charter

Remote working shook up businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. At first it was seen as an obligation but it has quickly been ado ...

10/06/2021 •

5 min read time


Covid-19: the HR review, one year on

Encouraging dialogue among staff, keeping them safe and setting up remote working are just some of the major changes the Covid-19 ...

04/06/2021 •

4 min read time

What if workers don’t come back to the office after Covid-19?

Lockdown meant that a quarter of the workforce (some 5 million people) immediately began to work from home from one day to the nex ...

03/07/2020 •

4 min read time

Remote working: 3 ways to maintain social links using digital technology

It is just as important to choose the right engagement levers to maintain social links between teams, as it is to choose the right ...

26/03/2020 •

4 min read time