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Internal communication: why and how you should digitize your events

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced companies to reinvent their internal communication strategies. Has your annual seminar been ...

20/07/2020 •

5 min read time

What if workers don’t come back to the office after Covid-19?

Lockdown meant that a quarter of the workforce (some 5 million people) immediately began to work from home from one day to the nex ...

03/07/2020 •

4 min read time

Sport and wellness behaviour under quarantine

Under quarantine, sporting and wellness practice have been encouraged by many companies to help cohesion and wellbeing stay strong ...

20/05/2020 •

2 min read time

Remote working: 3 ways to maintain social links using digital technology

It is just as important to choose the right engagement levers to maintain social links between teams, as it is to choose the right ...

26/03/2020 •

4 min read time

Lockdown : the 10 most unusual sports

We’re experiencing an unprecedented health crisis which is requiring more and more countries to order the lockdown of populations. ...

26/03/2020 •

6 min read time

Remote working: 5 sports to promote with employees

The role of a company’s communication department is essential to motivate the community as a whole, improve the well-being of empl ...

26/03/2020 •

4 min read time