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6 keys to understand team cohesion through sport

1st key: Developing skills If you have talented people in your company, that’s great. If you have talented people that can recogni ...

25/09/2020 •

4 min read time

How to set up a sport at work programme in your company? The “to-do” list

Sport at work has many benefits: it increases motivation, cohesion and the commitment of employees. Sporting activities also impro ...

07/05/2020 •

4 min read time

Turning your employees into ambassadors through sport

Do you want to boost your image? Your employees can help improve your reputation and recruit new talent. A happy employee is a gre ...

30/03/2020 •

5 min read time

Building a sense of belonging through sport in the workplace

According to one survey, only 5% of employees are fully satisfied and involved in their company.   A company that knows how to cre ...

23/03/2020 •

4 min read time


Three mistakes to avoid if you want to make your corporate sports programme succeed

You’ve decided to initiate a sports project with the intention of bringing your employees together around this initiative. Let us ...

09/12/2019 •

4 min read time


Sport at work: how to take the first step?

All work and ... some play? Paradoxically, as is often the case, our friends on the other side of the Atlantic are accustomed to b ...

25/06/2019 •

3 min read time