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  • Improve the physical and mental well-being of your teams
  • Develop their sense of belonging
  • Create cohesion
  • Strengthen your social and environmental impact
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employees report an increase in motivation


feel closer to colleagues


enjoy moving for solidarity causes

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Choose one of our 40 activations or create your own tailored event to rally your teams around a company initiative or a social or environmental cause.

Help your teams adopt healthier lifestyle habits with numerous articles, workshops and sports classes designed by certified specialists.

Encourage everyone to move on a daily basis with a turnkey program of diversified challenges for all levels.

Develop team spirit by encouraging each business unit to motivate themselves collectively to reach the top of the overall company ranking.

Strengthen cohesion between colleagues who share a common interest. Running, football, yoga, gardening, etc. There is something for everyone!


a difference

Your new essential employee benefit: a unique and engaging sports and wellness app. 


your app

It is all about your experience, your identity, your animations to share your culture and values.


You are not alone
in this

Our engagement specialists help you meet your challenges and measure your results.


One app
that fits all

+60 trackable sports and wellness activities to fit any of your employees' needs, anytime, anywhere.

Your best partner
to enhance team engagement

United Heroes supports HR and communication professionnals and helps them
tackle their challenges.


One tool — just the one — to help your teams take care of their physical and mental health on a daily basis.

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Talent wins games, but teams...

...win championships. And that is possible with features that encourage people to meet, exchange and bond.

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A community, you will create

Celebrate your corporate culture with memorable, not boring, events to engage and bring your people together.

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Think and act for impact

This is even better when it makes sense. Mobilise as many people as possible around your social and environmental actions.

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With the United Heroes app, we are implementing the benefits of physical activity as a means of health prevention while strengthening the conviviality between teams.

Gaelle Berthier

Communication Manager @Harmonie Mutuelle

The United Heroes application has quickly united our employees. Far beyond the most athletic, the programme creates a real emulation within the teams for the practice of physical activities.

Patrick Rivière

HR Director @Caisse d'Epargne

United Heroes helped me get back on track after my maternity leave and encouraged me to find new goals to achieve. My team and I train together. United Heroes strengthens the ties that bind us together.


Employee @Synchrone

Congratulations to all our employees for their incredible commitment. The experience combined physical activity, team building and diversity awareness!

Lina Achour-Tani

Internal Communication Manager @Arkema

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