Feel good at work with the works council

The works council has certainly done something to help you on several occasions. This unique employee representation committee has a vital role to play in improving quality of life at work. Let's explain.  

What is the works council?

We've moved on from the time of the coffee machine! Employees today need far more than a brew to feel good at work. Works councils have been working first and foremost to improve working conditions at companies.

The committee is formed by the employer and elected staff representatives to help promote quality of life at work, staff health, wellbeing and safety. It also provides staff with the opportunity to share their needs as a group in terms of organisational management, professional training or production techniques.

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The works council’s role: make sure staff are happy

Depending on the legal basis of the country the company was created in, the works council operates in many ways. Its interdisciplinary missions remain quite the same: to make staff's all-round wellbeing integral to the business (physical, mental and social).

The challenge is to strike a happy balance between « serious » issues e.g. professional risks, and « light » subjects, e.g. the Christmas tree. What's the thinking behind it? Enable staff to feel supported and empowered in the workplace, no matter the subject.


Staff benefits that hit the mark

Nowadays we know that happiness at work is no longer a question but a strategic area for growth. And that involves creating and providing inventive and unmissable benefits. Welfare, experiences, restaurant tickets... There are several types of employee benefits.

The most popular are :

  • restaurant or cinema vouchers
  • holiday vouchers
  • health insurance
  • gift cards.

But works council can go a step further, listen to staff and be creative !


Sport, an activity idea for the works council

Among the staff benefits, sport at work could be a specific initiative for works council. The company encourages staff to build bonds by providing sporting and team challenges (inter or intra-company tournaments, physical or virtual races, regular or one-off trips).

The works council also has a role to play and keep everyone happy with an all-round sport and wellbeing programme. Just like Banque Populaire Sud whose representatives work with United Heroes to bring employees together every day with sport and wellbeing.