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The impact of United Heroes on health

Measuring the impact of our app on our users' lives is essential. While not everything is measurable or trackable, our teams are able to show you trends that attest to the positive influence of the United Heroes app.


feel less stressed


feel more motivated to be active


appreciate being involved in CSR causes


feel closer to their colleagues

We got feedback from employees, men and women, who did not do any activities but decided to participate. Slowly, they started walking each day and checking how many steps they were doing every day. After a few weeks or a couple of months, many said they were sleeping better and losing weight.

Charles-Eric Poussin

Culture & Engagement Director, Latam @ Essilor Luxxotica

Diversity & inclusion

We are aware that there are as many paths to well-being as there are individuals, we strive to build the most complete app possible, one that suits all types of company profiles.

Wherever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. The United Heroes app can be used according to the wishes of the employees, without forcing them.

More than 60 types of activities are available, such as walking, gardening or eco-actions. There is something for everyone!

Motivated by the competition, by the commitment to solidarity, or by the desire to surpass oneself: whatever the reason, everyone can participate.

We try to build an app that is as inclusive as possible and offer, among other things, parasport activities.

The United Heroes application can be used by all-1 sport-other-wellness also offers sports for the disabled-1 inclusive-handi-app

Protecting our playground

Through our app and within Sport Heroes, we encourage everyone to do their bit for the environment.


More than half of United Heroes users have changed their travel habits. At Sport Heroes, the use of the "commuter bike" is strongly recommended and financially supported.

1% for the planet

We donate 1% of our turnover to the WWF, to help them to preserve the environment through the 1% for the planet initiative.

Carbon footprint

We have developed a personal avoided CO2 tracker which enables teams using United Heroes to visualise the reduction of  their own CO2 emissions by walking or cycling instead of driving.