Inclusive, easy-to-use and motivating application

United Heroes allows everyone, whether you're a sporty person or not, regardless of your level, to practice alone or with others and to make progress in your favourite activities, without any additional material investment.


Registration in just a few clicks

Signing up for United Heroes is quick and easy. Once you have downloaded the application, all your employees have to do is join your company and their team. The adventure can start!

Over 60 activities available

From running, walking, yoga, volunteering and beyond, you can register your activities in United Heroes. Our app offers more than 60 activities, so there is something for everyone.
More than 60 activities are available on United Heroes
Add your activities with many trackers

Taking into account every minute of practice

All your teams have to do is connect their pedometers and sports trackers to our app to automatically sync all their activities, regardless of location or time. It is also possible to manually enter your activities directly into the app.

Compatible with 80% of the trackers on the market.

All efforts are valued

The more people move, the more points they accumulate, regardless of their level. These points allow them to track their progress, take on individual and group challenges and climb the company rankings.

Run. Synchronise. Challenge yourself. United Heroes is a great way to get motivated to take care of yourself.


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