Company culture

Develop a sense of belonging

Strengthen your employer brand by rallying your teams around events that are in line with your culture and values. Boost their pride in belonging to your company and turn them into external communication relays.

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Better feeling of belonging

97% of our clients state their teams feel more in tune with their company's values thanks to United Heroes.


Higher employee satisfaction

97% of our members appreciate their company encourages them to get involved in solidarity causes.


Stronger company culture

73% of our users have a better understanding of their company's commitments and identity.  

Packaged group challenges according to your commitments

Pace your teams' year with collective events in line with your company's values and issues. You can choose from over 40 themes for which we provide you with a communication kit, exclusive content and a complete CRM plan.

Discover our solidarity challenges
Turnkey animations - race for her

Race for Women

Mobilise your employees towards gender equality by participating in a connected race.

Turnkey animations - Quality of Life at Work challenge

Quality of Life at Work

Emphasise QWL to your teams with this dedicated content created by our experts.

Turnkey animations - help your planet

Move for the Planet

Make your company aware of the need to protect our biggest playground : our planet.


Company feed

An internal communication channel really consulted by your teams

This is where everything happens, where everything is announced. Encourage your teams to exceed themselves on a collective challenge, welcome new United Heroes members, and thank your teams for their efforts.

Take the pulse and analyze the feedback your teams give you on your communications. Detect trends with their reactions.

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Animations tailored to your needs and news

Collective animations tailored to your image

Create 100% personalised animations that closely match your company's events (anniversary, site tour, move) and culture. Communicate your values, your branding and your storytelling to your teams.

App in your colours to convey your brand identity

Tailor the experience within the application with your logo, banner, programme name, catchphrase and team names.

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Inter-company competition - H-GAMES

Inter-company competitions to strengthen the sense of belonging

Let your employees experience a unique adventure. Motivate them to defend the colours of your company while supporting a solidarity cause such as disabled sport, environmental protection or the professional integration of young people through sport.

The sense of belonging can be tricky to create when you have a hundred shops spread across the country. We had to reinvent ourselves and find new ways to engage employees. That's what we've managed to do with United Heroes.

Céline Bouzanne des Mazery

Legal Manager @Castorama

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