Create cohesion between your teams

Help your colleagues meet and connect, regardless of their differences: job, region, language, hierarchical level. Break down silos and improve collaboration.

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Social bonding

72% of United Heroes members feel closer to their colleagues.


Faster onboarding

Our app helps 81% of our clients integrate new talents from the very first day.


Higher productivity

93% state their teams work better together, notably after a reorganisation or a merger.


Clubs of interest to create connection

Encourage social interactions and physical encounters between colleagues around a common passion. Running, football, yoga, gardening, ... United Heroes has more than 30 clubs for all tastes, even for the less sporty!

Rankings and instant messaging to develop team spirit

Create teams according to your cohesion issues: based on locations, projects or business units. Each team has an instant messaging system to encourage each other on a daily basis and try to reach the top of the company ranking.

Corporate ranking by team

A company feed to boost company culture

Strengthen the sense of belonging to your company and break down silos with a space for discussion open to everyone, not only for each team, like a social network.


Our tip: create a photo contest to boost the interactions!


Share an activity to be motivated together

Let your employees highlight their efforts and get kudos 👍 from their colleagues. This will motivate others to practice an activity and share it.

Privacy: the user will decide to share or not the activity, by choosing the spaces to publish it (company feed, team, clubs...).

Events to bring employees together in the company

Events to meet in the workplace

Offer great times on site with your colleagues. We can help you organise sports courses, conferences and wellness workshops led by our network of specialists.

Challenges to achieve a common goal together

Choose from over 40 ready-to-use group animations covering a wide range of themes (team-building, environment, solidarity) or create your own 100% personalised event to bring your teams together.

Discover our solidarity challenges

Road to 2024

Engage your teams around the values ​​of sport until the 2024 Olympic Games.

Collective and supportive challenge - Back to school

Back to the office

Celebrate the end of summer holidays and reunion between colleagues.

Turnkey animations - race for her

Race for Women Challenge

Mobilise your employees towards gender equality by participating in a connected race 

After the launch of the Boost’N Go program, around thirty employees in my region decided to meet once a quarter, on a Sunday. Some went hiking, others did their trail, then they met at the end to have a picnic together. The bet paid off! We allowed employees who had worked together for years to get to know each other better and share their passions in a friendly way. They have taken hold of the program, it’s a real satisfaction.

David Romieux

Region director - Castorama

The United Heroes application has quickly united our employees. Far beyond the most athletic, the programme creates a real emulation within the teams for the practice of physical activities.

Patrick Rivière

HR Director @Caisse d'Epargne

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