Our animations

Save time on your animation strategy by using our catalogue of ready-to-deploy animations.

No planet B package

Raise your team's awareness of ocean protection with this animation developed by experts from Surfrider Fundation

Movember challenge

Raise your team's awareness in men's health with this challenge developed with Movember Organization

Race for Women Challenge

Mobilise your employees towards gender equality by participating in a connected race 

Pink October package

Raise your employees' awareness about breast cancer and help the RoseUP association

Quality of Life at Work package

Emphasise QWL to your teams with this dedicated content created by our experts

Beat the boss challenge

Challenge yourself to stay ahead of your teams

Back to the office challenge

Celebrate the end of summer holidays and reunion between colleagues

Good Planet challenge

Make your employees aware of environmental-friendly reflexes with the content made by Good Planet organization

On the road to 2024 challenge

Engage your teams around the values ​​of sport until the 2024 Olympic Games

Move for the Planet Challenge

Make your company aware of the need to protect our biggest playground : our planet

H-GAMES 3rd Edition

Join this inter-company operation in partnership with the French Handisport Federation