Retrosportive: United heroes reveals its 2022 statistics

"Is your application really used?", "It's good, but how can we measure the benefits of United Heroes?", "My team is not interested in moving, I tell you..." 

Are you wondering about the level of use of United Heroes within companies?

The United Heroes Retrosportive: what is it?

The Retrosportive is a colorful, peppy and offbeat infographic reporting on the sports and wellness prowess achieved by all United Heroes users in 2022.

🛣 Kilometers traveled
🪴 Tons of CO2 saved
🔬 Most active jobs (surprising!)
⏰ Most popular hours for practice...

We hope this rundown helps you refine your 2023 QWL & CSR strategy. If not, at least we hope you will find it interesting!


Here's what United Heroes users have accomplished in 2022

Spoiler: it's colossal.