New Study: Workplace Well-being in 2022

How do employees feel at work?

Employees want to feel good at work, right? Talented people want their employers to take action to improve their well-being at work. Young people prioritize well-being and meaning over salary. Isn't it natural? We do spend most of our time at work. We might as well be happy. 


3 questions we want to address with this new study

What is workplace well-being? 

Well-being: a catch-all word? Work is not experienced in the same way depending on where you work, how you work and who you work for. We interviewed +500 employees from all industries about their definition of "well-being" and their expectations. 

What workplace well-being initiatives are worth implementing?

We analyze well-being policies already implemented by companies and ask employees to judge them. What are the solutions that have the most impact on well-being, cohesion, performance, and stress? 

How can companies invest and launch employee well-being programs?

Improving workplace well-being takes time (and money). HR teams need to justify their expenses to their management. This study was created as a toolbox for managers in charge of well-being at work.