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Supporting your employees
to change their habits

We are convinced that moving every day is one of the key aspects of well-being and quality of life at work.


United Heroes is a solution offered by Sport Heroes

Our mission: "to make everyone want to move"

Our belief

Well-being and physical activity must be part of our daily lives if we want to feel alive, whether that be at home, commuting, at work or travelling.

Our mission

To encourage people to take part in physical activity and lead a healthier life, to feel better. Making their day-to-day routine a source of well-being, while enabling them to tailor-make their own experience - from Sunday joggers to real addicts, flexitarians to yoga pros, dreamers to power nappers.

What's the role of companies in all this?

Because we spend most of our life at work, it is essential that we inject a bit of well-being into our daily lives. That's why United Heroes came into being :-)

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Where did we come from?

The origins of Sport Heroes and United Heroes



Full of energy, our two co-founders had a dream: to make everyone want to move. They created Running Heroes, an app for the general public. Cycling Heroes followed, then Swimming Heroes.


2 years after our first round of fundraising, we announced a second one, €4M euros from Genairgy, an investment company managed by Julien Leclercq (the Decathlon family).


Launch of United Heroes

More and more companies contacted us to ask for help creating and leading their own community of employees: United Heroes was born.

Sport Heroes Group operates in two ways:

1. With the general public: by creating and leading an ecosystem of digital and physical media (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, Skiing Heroes) creating one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding sports communities in the world. As well as white label products (Air France Running, Skoda We Love Cycling).


2. With companies: with technological solutions enabling them to involve their employees and spread a positive corporate culture around concepts of well-being and the benefits of regular physical activity (United Heroes).

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Join our enthusiastic team and take part in an inspiring mission: motivating people to get moving in their daily lives.

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