A tailormade wellbeing & sports platform

United Heroes will encourage your staff to build positive habits & create a more productive environment.

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The benefits of United Heroes

We help you to optimise your employees productivity and encourage the formation of healthy habits and behaviours.

Boost your employer brand

Turn your staff into your biggest ambassadors with an amazing culture that attracts new talent & increases company loyalty.

Strengthen workplace bonds

Breakdown hierarchial links, create positive relationships between departments, and improve employee friendships.

Spread corporate culture

Engage employees with your corporate values, enabling them to give meaning to their commitment through charity challenges.

Increase Quality of Life at Work

Decrease the likelihood of workplace injuries & illness. Improving the number of employee sick days & increasing turnover and productivity.

Our program can help

An all-inclusive platform built for people of all abilities located anywhere in the world.


Challenges & Rewards

Encourage your employees to move and pass on your values with tailormade challenges (CSR engagements, company anniversary, etc.). Each effort can be converted into rewards from the company, to keep staff motivated.

Wellness barometer

See the impact this program has on your employees as you manage and evaluate the evolution of their wellbeing and satisfaction through our solution.

Ranking and social interactions

Encourage friendly competition & team spirit with social interactions and ranking.

Health & wellness contents

Your employees are supported with practical advice on creating and maintaining good habits. Our journalists and partners produce dedicated content that is created just for our United Heroes members.

Your own dedicated specialist

A Customer Management Team supports your company.

Deployment strategy

Together, we define your key performance indicators.


We create a dedicated platform for your company, customize contents, and create sports challenges that fits your needs.


Launch events, communication kits and ambassadors training.


Regular follow-up during the project, monthly reports and are here to answer all your questions.


Customer testimonials

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Laurent De Cock

HR Director, Accenture

One of the strengths of this app is inclusivity. Everyone finds what they are looking for: cycling, running or crossfit or even gardening and DIY!


More than 1,200 people are already on the app. And what's really positive is that we have almost as many women than men registered in the app. We're very proud of this!


Marie-Astrid Bernard

HR Director, PwC

The launch of the United Heroes app, as part of our "Be well, work well” well-being at work programme, allowed our employees to become aware of their physical activity. During the challenge for the charity supported by one of our employees, the amazing level of motivation resulted in all the objectives we had set being surpassed.


Violaine Bazil

Head of Communication, VINCI Energies

Our goal was to have as many users as possible connected at the start of the Vendée Globe to show our skipper Sam Davies that employees were supporting her in the race and were also helping to save children. Our staff exceeded the target and this outpouring of generosity enabled us to fund a new heart operation for a sick child.

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