• Objective

    Accumulate as many points as possible

  • Duration

    One month

  • Activities

    Running, Hiking, Swimming, Cycling, Eco-actions, Gardening

  • Stakes

    CSR, Ecology, Carbon impact

GoodPlanet challenge

For this challenge, we have joined forces with the GoodPlanet Foundation, founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand as an extension of his artistic work to raise public awareness.

The GoodPlanet Foundation aims to place ecology and humanism at the heart of people's consciousness and to arouse the desire to take concrete action for the earth and its inhabitants.

This animation is an opportunity to strengthen the cohesion within your company and to remind the importance of acting together to protect our planet. 


Animation details

This animation contains a one-month collective challenge. Within the challenge, you will benefit from a global counter that gathers all the activities of your employees.

The animation also contains a collection of content to share easy-to-reproduce eco-responsible actions as well as a webinar with experts from the GoodPlanet foundation to explore solutions that can be implemented immediately.

A communication plan accompanies the whole animation to engage your employees throughout.

Acting makes you happy! Fifteen years after the creation of the GoodPlanet Foundation, we live in a world that is getting hotter and hotter, where conflicts and their refugees are proliferating, a world in which societies continue their blind race to overconsumption. The reality of climate disruption and the urgent need to act on the scale of the challenge concerns us all without exception.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand