• Objectives

    Accumulate as many kilometres as possible

  • Duration

    One week

  • Activities

    Walking, Running, Wheelchair

  • Enjeux

    Cohesion, Inclusion, Prevention, Health

Race for women

Let's talk about gender equity:
- 15.5% is the difference in salary between men and women,
- 20% is the proportion of women on executive committees,
- 35% is the proportion of women executives who reach management.

Want to shake things up? Mobilise your employees for parity. Whether you walk or run, it's up to you as long as you move towards a fairer future.


Animation details

This animation contains a collective challenge of one week. Within the challenge, you will benefit from a global counter that groups all the activities of your employees.

A communication plan is provided with this challenge in order to animate your collaborators throughout the operation.