5 tips for a better work atmosphere at the office

Are you looking for new ideas to change your routine at the office? It sometimes takes a little for an ordinary day to become exciting! We suggest these 5 tips for a better work atmosphere which prove it. All that is needed to raise your employer's awareness on the relevance of improving his collaborators' well-being with easy-implemented solutions such as sport at work. Yes, fun at work is possible!.

Motivating and showing gratitude

Saying thank you is of the basics taught to children. What about including this basic rule in the daily routine of a company? Saying thank you sends a very positive message, which could also sound like, “You belong here”, “and you are doing a good job” or “Keep up”. We have all experienced this before, recognition for work done is essential for motivation at work

Organising outdoor activities

Sometimes leaving the formal professional atmosphere is enough to unblock potentials and enable some employees to better express themselves. Whether your share a picnic or organise a sporting activity, all opportunities to foster friendliness between colleagues and part from the work routine are welcome. This will not only help create a good working atmosphere but further boost cohesion amongst employees.


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Erasing the hierarchy 

First and foremost, breaking up with the silo mentality is (re)highlighting that all employees strive for the same goal and company culture, regardless of their position. To remove the possible sclerotic effect of hierarchy, encourage inter-departmental collaborations, raise managers’ awareness and embrace a feedback culture. You will gain in fluidity in exchanges and in proximity.

Valuing initiatives

In companies, all ideas are worth taking. Idea box, expression wall, intranet, there are many ways to collect employees' suggestions. They will feel listened to, valued and even happy. According to a study conducted by the University of Warwick, happy employees are 12% more productive than the average.



Make room for your employees' creativity and ideas by creating a wall of expression in your office

Promoting hobbies

Life is not all about working, therefore, make space for the various passions of your employees. Some are music, painting or sculpture passionate and would heartily share with their colleagues in a workshop or an exhibition at the office. Inveterate readers just want to expand their reading pile, so why not equip the company with a “micro library”? Others practice a regular physical activity and will appreciate being able to share their passion with colleagues in a sports challenge  for example. What is the idea? Occasionally, let everyone express their creativity to boost work atmosphere at the office!

As you have learned, a happy employee feels more fulfilled and committed to his or her tasks. Creating a good work atmosphere is a win-win approach to power a positive cycle, which we will benefit to upkeep!