Generation Z: how to attract them and recruit them?

Generation Z is now entering the workforce. Born between 1997 and 2012, the children of Gen Z represent the largest generation in history: it is estimated that they will soon make up a large portion of the workforce, far greater even than the Boomer generation (24% vs. 6%).

With the talent crisis affecting employers worldwide, there is stiff competition to attract Gen Z talent and keep them through the recruitment process. Here, we tell you how to recruit Gen Z and retain this new talent!


The expectations of Gen Z

90% of Gen Z students initiate their job search well before graduation. Although they have grown up surrounded by technology and the Internet, Gen Z values authentic human relationships. They appreciate a more personal (face-to-face) style of communication. But, needless to say, they are far from rejecting the use of technology. If Gen Z sees your recruiting methods are old-fashioned, they may quickly change their minds about applying. They appreciate quick and efficient appointments. In terms of salary, they are not necessarily motivated to a greater extent by the prospect of higher pay. Indeed, while money remains an important factor, other prospects such as real responsibilities, meaningful work and opportunities for future advancement are just as vital.


Attracting and recruiting Gen Z: our pro-tips

1. Focus on inbound recruiting

Inbound recruiting consists of attracting prospects rather than soliciting them directly. Here, it is the talent that chooses the company with which it wants to work. You need to know where to find them and how to win them over with an original applicant experience. Generation Z applicants in the job market are applying for positions with strong, attention-grabbing campaigns. What they want is a fun, interactive and participative recruitment experience. Be active on social media, and use video-based processes, games and challenges to attract this new talent.


2. Be a learning organization

If you're hiring a Zoomer, this is probably their first step into the working world: we advise you to emphasize continued learning. Offer them a career path, clear progression, training, etc. This is a generation that appreciates experimentation, to evolve and progress while remaining stimulated. Present yourself as a coach rather than a manager, with the mission of helping them move forward and learn. Also, the best thing an organization can do to stand out is to promote a corporate culture that facilitates personal development and promotes a healthy work-life balance.


3. Ensure well-being in the workplace

To attract Generation Z, take into consideration that they are not loyal to one company, but they will be loyal to the group. Team spirit is essential for them, as is being in a permanent co-creation process. Offer them a positive and dynamic company culture, with company rituals, for example, that foster bonding between team members. Don't hesitate to set aside specific perks for their well-being (mental healthcare, the right to disconnect, etc.).


You can start by animating your employees with internal activations about wellness. To get some inspiration, check out our 2022 calendar :


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4. Fly the company mission banner

As we have previously noted, this generation is looking for a job that has meaning. To recruit generation Z, you need to work on your employer brand and communicate on social networks about your CSR policy, your company's values, your involvement in societal and environmental causes, etc. They want to do a job that counts.


5. Ensure a fast and fun recruitment process

To attract Generation Z, the competition is tough. This is a generation of enthusiasts, who communicate a lot of energy within the workplace. To convince them to work for your company, you must be responsive and remain attractive. Schedule job interviews quickly, give feedback within 48 hours, communicate as often as possible with candidates. Also be transparent about your process and the criteria you use to retain applicants: generation Z is less thick-skinned than other generations when it comes to feeling they have been treated unfairly.


Attracting and recruiting Generation Z requires a rethink of your HR processes as they don't behave the same way as Generation Y. Looking for a wellness solution that will make your company stand out from the crowd? Check out our United Heroes application as a way of caring for the mental and physical health of young talent.