Press Release : #HomeHeroes, the inter-companies competition

Launched on March 23d on United Heroes


In this quarantine context, Sport Heroes is committed to its mission : promote sport and its mental, physical and social virtues. 


As remote work and temporary layoffs policies are implemented  to protect employees, companies have to cope with new issues : how can they strengthen social cohesion and ensure their employees' wellbeing


The startup creates the first inter-companies competition within United Heroes, the sport and wellbeing at work programme. #HomeHeroes contest encourages employees to practice responsible at home physical activities and eventually take care of themselves. Together, they get to defend the colours of their company and challenge others. 


1 month + 70 companies + 350 000 employees

Every week, all participants rally to win as many points as possible thanks to their physical activities and earn a spot on the #HomeHeroes podium. If they manage to rank their company at the top, they will get to participate in a random draw to be rewarded with gifts from our partners.




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Circuit training routines, yoga classes, press reviews, nutrition tips...

To get them motivated, United Heroes partnered up with a number of unique brands that will accompany employees in the coming weeks through inspiring articles, rewards, quizzes, individual challenges...




Two-months free trial

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