How to set up a sport at work programme in your company? The “to-do” list

Sport at work has many benefits: it increases motivation, cohesion and the commitment of employees. Sporting activities also improve productivity, by between 6 to 9% according to a Goodwill Management study for the CNOSF (Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français - French National Olympic and Sports Committee). Would you like to get started? We have put a to-do list together for you to set up a sports programme in your company. 

The necessary tools

Before you launch a sports programme, you need to have the right tools. Two types of tools are required: digital tools and equipment.

Digital tools

Now sport is connected! According to an Odaxa study about innovation in sport, today 31% of French people use a smartphone sports app. Users say that this tool allows them to increase their performance (for 73% of them), boost their motivation (for 67% of them) and improve their health (for 60% of them).

So digital technology must not be overlooked as part of setting up a sports programme at work. Employees expect to have access to a personalised dashboard, to track their activity and monitor their progress.

Creating a mobile app is an excellent way of involving all your employees, and in particular those who don’t work behind a computer and/or don’t have access to the company’s Intranet. It also allows you to reach all the employees spread over different sites (headquarters, itinerant workers, subsidiaries, those working at clients’ offices, etc.) in France and abroad.  

Digital technology also allows information to be shared, for example on social networks. This can contribute to creating enthusiasm, internally and externally. 

Using digital technology will make your programme more attractive and dynamic! Moreover, it will be cheaper than investing in a gym on each of the company’s sites.

The work environment


To encourage sport, you can put mats at your employees’ disposal


To encourage sport, you can put sports equipment at your employees’ disposal. You can give them free access to equipment to do sport, such as machines, accessories or mats.

You can also organise classes with a specialised instructor. For example, many companies organise yoga or Pilates classes. These activities don’t require much equipment and are conducive to relaxation and well-being.

Don’t forget to install showers either. They are an essential feature for developing sport in your company. Your employees may want to do sport at different times of the day: early in the morning, at lunch time or at the end of their work day. Without showers, your employees might be reluctant to do sport at work.


Actions to carry out

Once the right tools have been put in place to motivate your employees, it is essential to identify their needs and to communicate.

The needs of employees 

Before you start your sport at work project, we advise you to sound out your employees to identify their expectations. You can discover the type of sport they want to do, the times and places they prefer. You can also find out if they have any concerns and specific reservations.  

This will allow you to target the sports programme based on the results obtained. Additionally, you will be capable of estimating the number of participants and the related costs.  

The communication plan

Work with your teams to create a communication plan to launch your programme. For example, you can invite all your employees to a launch event. Once the programme has been launched, continue to promote it all year long. Vary the formats and communication media to attract employees’ attention.  You can develop posters, banners, flyers, brochures, mailings, presentations, videos, etc.

Highlight the advantages and the benefits of the programme for employees. This must encourage them to sign up and take part. Choose a style of communication which is fun and quirky, rather than one that is serious and institutional. Above all sport is a source of pleasure!



Today 31% of French people use a smartphone sports app!

Producing content

You must develop content regularly to manage and sustain your programme. Don’t hesitate to produce inspiring content and share practical advice to help your employees to improve their lifestyle and well-being habits.

You can publish sports portraits or articles with tips to eat more healthily or sleep better for example.  Another possibility is to showcase employees taking part in the programme, by highlighting the results obtained. In addition to encouraging these employees, it will contribute to motivating their colleagues.

Setting up challenges

Setting up challenges, with gifts as a bonus, will encourage employees to surpass themselves and stay motivated as the weeks go by. The challenges create healthy competition, for example within work teams or departments.

Gifts offered to your employees can be articles featuring your company’s or your programme’s colours such as mugs, water bottles or sports bags.  You can also offer experiences, that can be enjoyed alone or shared.

Convince your management team to implement a sport project!


With the right tools and the right method, you can develop sport within your company and improve the well-being and the performance of your employees. At United Heroes, we can also help and support you to push boundaries on a long-term basis!