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Recommend United Heroes
to your company

What a great project! Bring United Heroes, the sports & wellbeing programme for employees, in your company. It is easy.

Is the percentage of the United Heroes users whom improved their well-being.
Almost all employees feel more committed with their company.
That's why our customers are happy and renew their contract with us.

Security and privacy

United Heroes is GDPR compliant, your employer won't have access to your personal data.

Together, let's convince your company

We'd rather be responsible for that. Give us the contact details of the person in charge of well-being in your company. This person can be your HR director, CEO, Communication manager, Quality of life at work manager, CSR director, Workplace manager...


Our team will contact you first, then him or her, to tell you more about United Heroes.


You prefer to deal with it by yourself

It does you great credit. After all, you know better your company than us. Here is a presentation for you to convince your decision-maker.