• Objective

    Reaching a set target of points

  • Duration

    One month

  • Activities

    More than 60 activities

  • Stakes

    Cohesion, Inclusion, Prevention, Health

Pink October challenge

Breast cancer affects nearly one woman in eight, making it the most common disease among women.

Contribute to improving the quality of life of people affected by cancer by mobilising and raising the awareness of your teams thanks to this animation pack co-designed with the teams of the association Rose Up. 


Animation details

This animation contains a one-month collective challenge. Within the challenge, you will benefit from a global counter that groups all the activities of your employees.

The animation also contains a collection of contents to desacralise the preconceived ideas about breast cancer as well as a webinar with experts from the RoseUP association to give your teams the opportunity to ask their questions on the subject.

A communication plan accompanies the whole event to engage your employees throughout the month of October.

Cancer is a dreaded adversary, and is very often defeated by those who do not give up the fight.

Édith Boukeu