Lockdown: the 10 most unusual sports

We’re experiencing an unprecedented health crisis which is requiring more and more countries to order the lockdown of populations.  

Some people have surpassed themselves when it comes to being inventive and creative to keep working up a sweat during these long weeks of remote working or being temporarily laid-off!

We’ve put together the 10 most unexpected and unlikely sports (but which are efficient!) that we found on social networks over the last few days. 

1. The ingenious treadmill

No longer able to go to the gym? Some people have found THE solution by making their very own treadmill. Although it’s creative, maybe you shouldn’t try it at home... 😊



2. Get to know your neighbours

Fancy a game of padel? It’s a great idea: get some fresh air and socialise with your neighbours, while remaining at a safe distance (1m apart).



3. Do a few laps

On your balcony. In your apartment.  The sky’s the limit! See you in 10k! 



4. Do sport with your roommates! 

Quarantine strengthens bonds. 



5. Or with your dog...

He really is man’s best friend. 


6. ...or even with your child 

Since children are also staying off school, why not make the most of it and do sport as a family? 



7. Have you stocked up on toilet paper? 

Might as well use it to exercise with too!  



8. Whatever it takes to build up your muscles  

If you haven’t got any equipment at home, make do with what you have!  (Bottles of water can also work)



9. Prefer ice sports? 

There’s something for everyone. 



10. For cycling enthusiasts

It’s not so as exotic as long rides, but at least it’s something!




At United Heroes, we have solutions to use sport and physical activity as a lever for social links, communication, cohesion and engagement. Additionally, we allow companies affected by the crisis and whose many employees are working remotely to adopt our digital programme as part of a positive approach focusing on health, fun and team-building.