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10 ways to get your staff on board with your CSR strategy


It's all well and good to define a CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility) and communicate about it. But implementing it in-house is better! Getting your staff on board is essential if you want it to flourish. Here are 10 ways to get them involved wherever they are!



1. Create a connected charity-company challenge

Making a long-term commitment to partner associations is a great way to bring a CSR policy to life. For example, our client VINCI Energies supports the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque heart surgery charity with the community sports Initiatives-Cœur project.


What's the idea? Staff can take part in a connected challenge for 4 months. The points they earn from working out turn into charity donations. Result: 43,000€ to save children with heart defects who can't have surgery in their countries.


2. Celebrate the company's anniversary


Creating a bond with a milestone event is a great way to highlight your CSR strategy among staff. For example, use your company's anniversary to celebrate your values! Karl Storz celebrated its 75th anniversary with a challenge all about health and wellness. Staff from 14 different countries took on the challenge with a donation to a health charity.




3. Take part in a connected race

Running as a team to support a charity certainly boosts team spirit and performance. The idea is simple: each employee registers and commits to running a chosen distance to support a charity and take part in a unique, social and sporting experience.


4. Encourage your teams to recycle

In the same vein, recycling is a practical way for your employees to make your CSR strategy part of their routine. Moët Hennessy's connected challenge with their partner, Tricycle, aims to encourage "Positive Cleaning".  The concept? Bring useful and ethical together with committed community recycling! Specific containers are provided on every floor of the company to clean up quickly and easily.


5. Support local charities

When the CSR strategy is paired with local roots, it means more to employees. Ipsen focused on regional CSR witht “Ipsen in motion”. The company gave its teams the chance to take part in a sporting community challenge to raise funds for French, British, Brazilian and Italian charities in 2020. Total donations raised: 50,000€



6. Organise an eco-action event (an activity available on United Heroes!)

Moving and cleaning at the same time! That’s the idea of Sitel. The international company launched a connected challenge around plogging (a combination of jogging and picking up garbage). They could walk, jog, bring their dog, go as a group… the only thing that mattered was to leave the path behind them as clean as possible!




7. Be part of a sustainable drive at a local level

How do you motivate your employees? By adding a sustainable side to your CSR roadmap! Enedis chose to get staff moving to help reforestation efforts in the area in collaboration with regional partners. Apple trees were planted on the company’s site. The fruit of a European Sustainable Development Week designed in collaboration with United Heroes!


8. Bring employees together with a social event 

There are universal causes that deserve our collective energy. From a CSR point of view, in-house challenges based on big events clearly boost team spirit. For example, our client Aesio informed its staff about the battle against breast cancer with a sporting challenge brought to life by a podcast during Pink October!





9. Launch a sporting challenge to clean the planet

Getting moving, that’s what counts! So how about making it green and doing it at work?


There’s nothing like a sporting challenge based on green transport to encourage your employees to exercise, learn about green transport and give them a chance to let off steam. The APHP did it and it was a huge success!


10. Bring your teams around the world together for a special event


The better all your staff understand your CSR policy, the more impact it will have. Do you want to create a global collective drive? Then bring your staff around the world together for a few hours with a wide-scale event. Inspiration? Bolloré's famous Marathon Day, the group's biggest community event, that saw 14,125 employees in 85 countries around the world take part in 2020!