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Local CSR and regional roots: what you need to know


Regional roots are a priority when it comes to rolling out a local CSR strategy, especially for SMBs or large groups with regional branches. That means getting involved with regional figures or supporting local projects with an increasingly-sustainable approach. Here's everything you need to know!


What's local CSR?

"Act local, think global" is how you could sum up a company's local CSR policy with branches all over the area.


A company with local roots creates value both in-house and for stakeholders in the region. Building local roots for your company creates synergy between corporate, social and environmental activities.


One way to do it is in  recruitment by encouraging diversity and reaching out to the local job pool. Sustainable procurement strategies to benefit the environment and local economy are also good practices for a local CSR policy. As is supporting or partnering local projects.



Get employees involved in local projects

A CSR policy should see putting down local roots as a long-term endeavour. They build gradually through a series of local activities. It's also a great way to create a sense of belonging  for teams who are proud of their area!


Funding or providing logistical support to local events, employees taking part in regional sports competitions or supporting local charities (or even clients) with connected challenges give employees a sense of belonging and pride in being part of the company's plans.

The Ipsen teams took part in the corporate “Ipsen in motion” sports challenge in 2020 to raise funds for regional charities. The staff's generosity and commitment saw them hand a total donation of 50,000€.



Contribute to the local economy and sustainable development

The local CSR policy ties into the company's outreach strategy. Generally speaking, these local commitments enable companies to nurture a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility in the regions.


The focus and promotion of social innovations is a major development objective for the French bank Crédit Agricole. The idea behind the initiative  Villages by CA, real value creation ecosystems, is to support pioneering projects and help talents to thrive in the regions.


First and foremost, upholding a local CSR policy means promoting good practices in the regions, especially in terms of the environment. Local Crédit Agricole branches encourage the transition to sustainable farming by supporting countless projects related to local distribution, food or protecting natural heritage and biodiversity.



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The local virtuous circle

A local CSR policy aims to create value in the area but, most importantly, create relationships. These local initiatives enable the company to venture outside its initial sector and address other ecological and social transition challenges.


Social engagement at Enedis is based on significant involvement in sustainable development. As an electricity distribution network manager, the group believes that its public service mission gives it a key role in regions to promote green growth for the good of everyone.


For example, the Enedis North of France agency is helping reforestation efforts in the region. A connected challenge got staff on board and saw 40 fruit trees planted on the agency's sites and 200 trees in a natural area in the region to encourage reforestation. Local partners (nursery owners, greenhouses, plantation associations) were involved in all the projects. 👏