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Why did Karl Storz choose United Heroes?

KARL STORZ, an expert in the medical device since 1945, is active worldwide to support and consult customers around the globe. Across all continents, KARL STORZ is represented by more than 50 KARL STORZ subsidiaries in over 40 countries.  


To celebrate its 75th anniversary and as a run-up to their Kick-Off Meeting 2021, they decided to gather the employees of the 15 Asian subsidiaries of the company around a joint project. In order to design an engaging and original event, KARL STORZ called United Heroes to motivate and engage employees from Singapore to Vietnam and Thailand even from home.


For its 75th anniversary, it wants to make a splash with an original project despite the health context


Bring together employees across borders and create links and cohesion between teams


KARL STORZ is convinced of the benefits of sport and wants to convey these values to his employees

A collective and solidarity challenge to celebrate KARL STORZ anniversary

During the month of December 2020, KARL STORZ employees were motivated and active for a good cause. Each wellness activity performed was recorded by the United Heroes wellness app. The initial objective of the challenge was to collect a total of 75,000 points to donate 7,500 SGD to a Charity organization in the Healthcare field.


A goal that massively aroused the interest of employees who took part in the event. The initial objective was quickly reached and KARL STORZ had to revise his objective upwards. They collected 150,000 points and hence donated 15,000 SGD to the Vietnamese cancer foundation.

We decided to cooperate with UNITED HEROES and chose a very special way to celebrate our 75 Years anniversary, since gatherings and celebrations were not an option in many countries.

Anna Fritz

General Manager, South East Asia Region and Taiwan @KARL STORZ

Completing challenges using United Heroes motivates us to stay active together and I particularly liked the friendly competition. I’m glad that KARL STORZ provided such an initiative and I even discovered the fun of running while trying to complete the challenges

Anna Fritz

General Manager, South East Asia Region and Taiwan @KARL STORZ

The challenges in United Heroes motivated me to keep pushing myself to continue the habit of working out. Constantly checking and seeing my name in the leaderboard kept me going. And also, challenging myself to become a healthier version of me, is also very encouraging. My favorite workout is running, and I feel like, the more I run, the bigger my smile.

Anna Fritz

General Manager, South East Asia Region and Taiwan @KARL STORZ

We continue to work with UH and just successfully completed another challenge “Season in the Run” travelling virtually through our region in SEA and Taiwan. Our team loves United Heroes, it’s a great way for us to stay fit and active and we can be connected virtually in these challenging times!

Anna Fritz

General Manager, South East Asia Region and Taiwan @KARL STORZ

KARL STORZ continues with United Heroes corporate wellness app

Given the success of the anniversary challenge, KARL STORZ decided to pursue the adventure with United Heroes. Among other events, KARL STORZ now animates its employees around individual and collective wellness challenges: Season In The Run, and the KOM Fun Run where the objective was to complete 5 Km by walking, running, or hiking, as fast as possible! 


Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore: in total, 14 countries are taking part in these different challenges. These challenges connect people from different countries and teams. It also unites them around the KARL STORZ company culture.

Results: an engagement as one team


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Employees said they moved more thanks to the app

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