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Why did Sitel choose United Heroes?

Sitel Group® is one of the largest global providers of customer experience (CX) products and solutions. Sitel Group empowers brands to build stronger relationships with their customers by creating meaningful connections that boost brand value.


With 160,000 people around the globe – working from home or from one of its CX hubs - the company decided to embark upon a wellness program for several reasons: 


Challenge employees to boost heir mental and physical health 


Create a sense of connection amongst its growing global workforce

Corporate Culture

Its staff to feel more connected with its core values.

The United Heroes wellness solution

United Heroes and Sitel Group® have worked together to develop the SitelFit wellness program. The primary aim is to challenge employees to boost their health by doing various types of wellness exercises each month.


Workers can manually add the activities they do to the app or download a fitness app or activity tracker, which syncs with the SitelFit platform and converts their daily activity into points. They are then ranked on leaderboards, which are reset at the start of each month.


When the SitelFit platform was initially launched, it focused on physical health, but it has since expanded to become a more holistic platform, focusing on three key pillars of wellness: Move well, eat well and live well.



In 2021, the number of SitelFit users surged from 9,000 to 22,000


The percentage of app users that are still active, three years after the program started


Sitel Group® employees did an average of 130 mins of activities per week in 2021 vs 100 in 2020 (+30%).


After the app’s surge in popularity in 2021, Sitel Group® has set a new ambitious target for 2022, to reach 50,000 users.

Corporate wellness challenges



Collectively clock up 75,000 km – the distance between its 150+ offices around the world if they were linked by road - in a single month. 

Step Forward, GiveBack

Rack up 3,000,000 points globally through daily
exercise. Remarkably, that total was surpassed in just 15 days.


The #OneSmallChange campaign encouraged employees to take even just small steps – for example drinking more water or walking more in a day – to create positive changes in their lives.

Global VirtualRaces

In 2021, Sitel Group® challenged its employees to walk or run 5, 10, or 15 kilometers over the course of a single weekend, resulting in 4,000 staff taking part.

Through our wellness program we make an active commitment to employeehealth and wellbeing, which translates into greater employee engagement. Engagement is key toproductivity, loyalty and creating a welcoming professional atmosphere.
Dimitar Pigev

Dimiter Pigev

Global SitelFit Programme Manager, @Sitel Group®

I think the inclusivity of the programme has been its biggest success. We have a huge team but noweveryone can be part of something together and make small steps to changing their lifestyles. We also havea big corporate social responsibility and the actions of all our employees on the app are having an impact on thecharities that we support as well.

Carina Passinhas

Employee Experience Manager, @Sitel Group®

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