Sitel Group’s active commitment to employee health and wellbeing

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A holistic platform to boost employees' health

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Sitel Group provides customer experience products and services to create relationships between brands and their customers. Thanks to 40+ years of industry-leading experience, they connect them over 8 million times every day.


With 160,000 employees present in all four regions of the world, the company decided in 2018 to adopt a wellness programme to boost their health and create bonds between its workforces: SitelFit programme


"We have a huge team but now everyone can be part of something together and make small steps to changing their lifestyles." - Carina Passinhas, Employee Experience Manager, Sitel Group


Engagement is key to productivity and loyalty and Sitel Group has got it. Through many challenges and campaigns, the company has made an active commitment to employee health and wellbeing based on three pillars: move, eat and live well.