The employee benefits offered by the works council can be of several kinds.

Feel good at work with the works council

The works council has certainly done something to help you on several occasions. This unique employee representation committee has ...

11/03/2021 •

2 min read time


How about organising your own Olympics?

What's better than sport to improve your staff's quality of life and empower your internal communication? Not only does it boost t ...

23/02/2021 •

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5 ways to build a more inclusive company

An estimated 135 million people in Europe are disabled and inclusion at work has never been such big news. Bringing in disabled em ...

17/02/2021 •

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3 inspiring company projects to boost team spirit

Feeling supported in your professional development, working in a friendly and tailored environment, sharing good times with your c ...

12/02/2021 •

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You belong here

HR: best glocal practices

Yes, you read it right, we're talking about "glocal"! As you'll have guessed, it's an umbrella term combining global with local. B ...

10/02/2021 •

3 min read time

Wellness at work: welcome to the happiness management era

Being happy at work. For some, it's more a dream than a reality. What with an increasing workload, managing sometimes delicate hie ...

04/12/2020 •

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