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Corporate wellness solution: which one's the right for you?

The decision has been made and you're ready to take your workforce experience up a notch with a corporate wellness project. But yo ...

27/06/2022 •

7 min read time


Workplace wellness : our complete guide

Being happy at work. For some, this statement is more of a dream than a reality. Between increasing workloads, delicate management ...

23/06/2022 •

22 min read time


5 ways to prevent work-related stress

According to the American Institute of Stress, the stress in the workplace is responsible for 75 to 90% of medical consultations a ...

08/06/2022 •

9 min read time

Internal communication: 5 themes in June to motivate your employees

Physical events cancelled, company gatherings postponed sine die... These last few weeks have disrupted companies and internal com ...

29/04/2022 •

3 min read time

Implementing a Quality of Life at Work approach

Burn out, bore out, stress, work accidents: employees are more and more stressed (24% are hyperstressed), frustrated, or (on the c ...

15/06/2020 •

3 min read time

8 questions to consider when choosing a sports and well-being at work programme

Would you like to set up a sports and well-being programme in your company? Great idea!    It’s a great way of boosting the motiva ...

11/06/2020 •

4 min read time