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Internal communication: 5 themes in June to motivate your employees

Physical events cancelled, company gatherings postponed sine die... These last few weeks have disrupted companies and internal com ...

04/05/2021 •

3 min read time

Implementing a Quality of Life at Work approach

Burn out, bore out, stress, work accidents: employees are more and more stressed (24% are hyperstressed), frustrated, or (on the c ...

15/06/2020 •

3 min read time

8 questions to consider when choosing a sports and well-being at work programme

Would you like to set up a sports and well-being programme in your company? Great idea!    It’s a great way of boosting the motiva ...

11/06/2020 •

4 min read time

What are the unknown effects of stress on employees’ health?

According to the American Institute of Stress, this bane is responsible for 75 to 90% of medical appointments, and 60 to 80% of wo ...

09/06/2020 •

4 min read time

Is sport at work really a lever for professional well-being?

Sporting activities at work are becoming more popular and are beneficial for everyone.   

13/05/2020 •

4 min read time

Understanding the list of well-being at work labels

What are the major labels? How can you be featured in one of these rankings? And how can you do this to reap all of the benefits?  ...

11/05/2020 •

4 min read time