How to create your WFH charter

Remote working shook up businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. At first it was seen as an obligation but it has quickly been ado ...

10/06/2021 •

5 min read time


Digital transformation in company: how to support your colleagues?

Whether it be going paperless, using new digital tools like chatbots or business applications, digital transformation is far more ...

08/06/2021 •

3 min read time


Covid-19: the HR review, one year on

Encouraging dialogue among staff, keeping them safe and setting up remote working are just some of the major changes the Covid-19 ...

04/06/2021 •

4 min read time

Internal communication: 5 themes in June to motivate your employees

Physical events cancelled, company gatherings postponed sine die... These last few weeks have disrupted companies and internal com ...

04/05/2021 •

3 min read time

Share your corporate culture with your employees as soon as they arrive with a Welcome pack that reflects your values.

Spotted: top 10 best welcome packs

Whether it be in-house or remotely, the first day in a new company is often pretty nerve-racking. First impressions count, as the ...

04/05/2021 •

22 min read time

ideas to involve your employees in your CSR strategy

10 ways to get your staff on board with your CSR strategy

It's all well and good to define a CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility) and communicate about it. But implementing it in ...

25/03/2021 •

10 min read time