Support and bring your employees together to create a "back to the office "desire.

Back to the office: Getting prepared and reassuring collaborators

While several people dream of a return to offices, others swear only for remote working... In such situation, what will the post-C ...

16/06/2021 •

4 min read time


Digital transformation in company: how to support your colleagues?

Whether it be going paperless, using new digital tools like chatbots or business applications, digital transformation is far more ...

08/06/2021 •

3 min read time

ideas to involve your employees in your CSR strategy

10 ways to get your staff on board with your CSR strategy

It's all well and good to define a CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility) and communicate about it. But implementing it in ...

25/03/2021 •

10 min read time

Participating or supporting local projects is part of the local CSR strategy..

Local CSR and regional roots: what you need to know

Regional roots are a priority when it comes to rolling out a local CSR strategy, especially for SMBs or large groups with regional ...

22/03/2021 •

3 min read time

5 ways to build a more inclusive company

An estimated 135 million people in Europe are disabled and inclusion at work has never been such big news. Bringing in disabled em ...

17/02/2021 •

3 min read time

You belong here

HR: best glocal practices

Yes, you read it right, we're talking about "glocal"! As you'll have guessed, it's an umbrella term combining global with local. B ...

10/02/2021 •

3 min read time